Wedding Photography Ideas In The Rain

Taking photos for your wedding in a rainy day!   Let’s face it: There’s always an event where not everything goes according to plan, and a wedding is one of them. Everything goes smoothly when suddenly, the rain pours in. It may ruin the best day of your life, but some people take advantage of this event. Some say that… Read more →

Pre wedding photography packages

Pre wedding shoot Hi just wanted to throw a quick article to let you know how popular the pre wedding photography has become. Below is a graph from google trends which clearly shows that couples are now very keen to capture the before married life photos.   Packages can include all types of things and editing/features. You do a google… Read more →

Photography Tips for Beginners

When you first start out as a photographer the most important thing you need to learn is how to properly use your camera.  Not just what all the buttons do but the basics that can be applied to any camera you try out in the future.  Learning how your camera works and some photography tricks will have you taking beautiful… Read more →

Photography Lighting Strategies for Beginners

Professional photographers have distinct lighting strategies and know how important and essential good lighting is to beautiful pictures.  To start making beautiful creative pictures you need to understand the basics of lighting. Once you build a foundation of basic photography skills then you want to expand your skills, capture moments of merriment, nature, and love.  Here are some helpful strategies… Read more →

In The Awesome Word WE All Live In

Sometimes we forget how beautiful life can be, just add photography  Why is everyone so angry at each other when life is so beautiful. Look around you and you will realise the marvelous creatures that are living in our world. We forget and/or set aside the simple things that seem to make so many people happy. I dare you not… Read more →