Things To Consider When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

If you and your partner are going to get married with in a few months, one of the most important things you need to have on your checklist would be a wedding photographer. Your special day is only going to happen once so you need to make sure that you’ll be able to immortalize the wonderful memories that you’re going to have on that day.

At today’s age and time, there are already tons of wedding photographers out there so you need to make sure that you get the right professional to do the job for you. One of the most important things that you need to take into consideration when you’re looking for a wedding photographer would be your budget. Setting a budget for this part of your wedding preparation will allow you to make sure that you don’t end up spending more than what you intend to. Next, you need to look at the wedding photographer’s portfolio so that you can get a good idea about the level of quality of the work that he does. Next, you need to take a look at the kind of equipment that he uses. The best photographers don’t just have the right set of skills and an ample amount of experience, they also possess the right kind of equipment.

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Intimate and Boudoir Photography Techniques

5 boudoir photography techniques for you.


We are going to talk about how you can create simple shots just using very simple small amount of equipment and natural lighting

Although a lot of boudoir photo shoots have been taken using big rooms and top of the range equipment and lots of people, we want to show you how you can also create an intimate shooting using very little, how you can use outfits you have at home rather than buying very expensive lingerie, using very simple equipment as well with natural light, with natural hair and makeup.

This photo was take with a simple 32mm ios400 in Kent. In a home bedroom, and as you can probably tell from the setup, you can tell that there is not much going on, just simple as it can be.


Boudoir bedroom photography


An interesting thing about this photo is the shadow. You can work to create a really nice, candid, soft feeling because of the fact that the model is actually in shadow.

The next photo is a really wonderful shoot. It shows the model looking into the mirror, very sensual, sorting out her hair, it has a very candid feeling, and a very natural feeling. The mirror creates a really lovely effect. You can take photos like these at home in front of your mirror in the bedroom or bathroom. So it is very easy to create this kind of setting. As you can see there is a really soft feel to the image, using a really low shutter speed without a tripod. In this case the photographer actually managed to take a photo that was actually in focus. And sometimes it is worth taking that risk because as you can see it makes a really lovely effect when you do.


Mirror Photography


You can this impression of looking a something almost naughty and sensual.


The next photo that I wanted to speak about is a photo that was taken in a late afternoon in a beautiful summers day, and you can see that its got this really warm light particularly where it is shining through this yellowy orange curtain, creates this really warm wash of color.



As you can see, this is a very classic boudoir photo, boudoir position on the bed, thanks to sylvia bazaar bedding, with the model’s hair flared out and it works really well. Obviously the light is picking up all the right bits. There is a kind of playfulness to it too where although the model is wearing lingerie she is also wearing the spectacles as well which feeds in this kind of playfulness. Which can really be brought out in this kind of photography.


mattress photography


You can still create the sensual feeling without showing off the whole model’s body. As you can see here there isn’t much of the flesh that is showing, because she is covered with a blanket which give it a real suggestive sense. No one know if the model is wearing anything underneath the blanket.  It is important to communicate these things with the photographer.





Wedding Photography Ideas In The Rain

Taking photos for your wedding in a rainy day!


Let’s face it:

There’s always an event where not everything goes according to plan, and a wedding is one of them.

Everything goes smoothly when suddenly, the rain pours in. It may ruin the best day of your life, but some people take advantage of this event.

Some say that rain brings bad omens because it represents the tears of the bride. However, some culture says that rain (in the wedding) represents fertility and a good sign of having many children.

Also, there’s some country that it’s always raining almost 300 days a year, like Netherlands.

Model Queen GIF by nikitaylorinc - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you live in a country like the Netherlands, it’s hard to pick a sunny day for your wedding. Instead of dwelling on it, people think of something that will make it more magical and picture-perfect.

Here’s the list of photography ideas for your rainy wedding:

1. Transparent umbrella

Who would have thought that this transparent umbrella will give magic to your wedding? Ask your photographer to get a beautiful shot overhead where your faces have a translucent effect.

2. Colorful boots

If you can’t avoid the heavy rain, don’t wear your expensive shoe. Instead, why don’t you wear boots and compliment its color to your theme?

This is another picture-perfect event where the happy memories will stick. Ask your groom’s men, bride’s maid and even your guests to wear the same!

3. Colorful umbrellas for your reception

If your reception is held outdoors, ask the organizers or event host to add colorful umbrellas on each table. Or instead of random colors, try to make it compliment your wedding theme.

4. Boots-flower-vase

Sounds weird, right? Again, if you live in a country where it is raining all year, boots is not a rare thing for you.

Why not use the most common thing that people use in your country as your flower vase? Instead of using typical pot, place all your wedding flowers in each boot and you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

5. Colorful umbrella stands

If you’re expecting a lot of guests, chances are they have their umbrella. And it’s a real pain if they place their soaking umbrella everywhere, especially if it is a rented farm or hotel.

That’s why you need to be prepared by putting enough umbrella stands in your reception’s entrance.

6. Play with the reflections in the water

Why don’t you play with the reflections? You can use this photo as your profile picture on Facebook or other social media.

7. Use a spotlight to capture raindrops

Using this technique, you can get an image that is so romantic. This kind of night photography in black and white gives magical effect on the raindrops.

When all the glitter fell

8. Ask your photographers about their ideas

Always ask the photographer what do they have in mind. Above anyone else, photographers know the proper setting of your wedding picture. They have a lot of experience in this type of situation, and you’ll be surprised at what they have in mind. If you are getting married overseas, make sure you find a great wedding planner who can suggest a creative and experienced wedding photographer.

My niece decided to get married in the beautiful country of Malta and Jurgen from wedding planners organized all the wedding from start to finish. A wedding planner can be a little bit expensive BUT my niece said that she saved so much money because she did not make costly mistakes and Jurgen gave her the best vendor advice.

Overseas Wedding Photography

There’s a lot of things you can do on a rainy wedding day. The bottom line is, being happy to spend the rest of your life with someone you love is what matters the most, and the rain won’t stop your sacred vow.



Pre wedding photography packages

Pre wedding shoot


just wanted to throw a quick article to let you know how popular the pre wedding photography has become. Below is a graph from google trends which clearly shows that couples are now very keen to capture the before married life photos.


Packages can include all types of things and editing/features. You do a google search for wedding photographer in your area/city and get in touch for pricing. Depending where you live, the price can be from as low as $500 and as high as $15000, again depending on your budget and requirements




Pre Wedding Photography in Tuscany


Jessie ~ Pre-wedding Photography

Photography Tips for Beginners

nikon-515883_640When you first start out as a photographer the most important thing you need to learn is how to properly use your camera.  Not just what all the buttons do but the basics that can be applied to any camera you try out in the future.  Learning how your camera works and some photography tricks will have you taking beautiful pictures in no times.

Start with Manual Settings

Leaving your camera on full auto will get you some half decent images even for the beginner, but as you learn more it will limit your results.  Your camera doesn’t know on its own what you’re trying to focus on.  It doesn’t know how shallow depth of field or how much motion blur you want in your pictures.

Getting The Right Exposure

Three elements determine exposure:

  1. ISO – Do you know how sensitive your camera is to light, the higher your ISO the brighter your pictures. Bear in mind that increasing your ISO also increases the noise in the picture.  This is one of the biggest mistakes people make as beginning photographers.  If you take a photo with a high ISO, you look closely at the picture there a bunch of randomly colored dots in the picture, these are digital noise and you can ruin the picture
  2. Aperture – How large is the opening in the lens when you are taking a picture, the wider the lens the brighter the picture. It gets confusing when the aperture number is increasing the lens is getting smaller.  So in practical terms a picture with an aperture of 2.8 isn’t as bright as a picture with an aperture of 1.2.

The aperture affects the depth of field in the pictures.  Picture with a low aperture number everything in the background will appear out of focus.  If you look at some food blogs they use this technique to take pictures.

  1. Shutter Speed – When the shutter is open the light hits the camera’s sensor and the longer the shutter is open the brighter the picture. A shorter shutter speed makes pictures look sharper.  You need to be aware of your shutter speed if you’re shooting pictures of moving objects.  Moving objects need a shorter shutter speed and still pictures still need longer shutter speed.

Shutter speed is measured in fractions of seconds, if you are taking the pictures while holding the camera, don’t use a longer shutter speed than 1/50 unless you have extremely steady hands.

White Balance

If you’re a beginning photographer white balance may seem a little weird to grasp.  People see white as a color, but white doesn’t actually exists so you have to tell the camera what’s white.  If you leave the camera’s white balance set on auto it will try and figure out white on its own.  If a big portion of your picture is white no problem but that’s pretty rare.

Setting the white balance manually according to the lighting on your subject give you more correct colors, and the colors will look more vibrant in your pictures.

If you are taking photography inside, for example boudoir mattress photography, open the windows and let the natural light flood the room

Here is a video that demonstrates all the settings on your digital camera that the beginning photography can play with while learning.

Photography Lighting Strategies for Beginners

yashica-711794_640Professional photographers have distinct lighting strategies and know how important and essential good lighting is to beautiful pictures.  To start making beautiful creative pictures you need to understand the basics of lighting.

Once you build a foundation of basic photography skills then you want to expand your skills, capture moments of merriment, nature, and love.  Here are some helpful strategies that will set you apart.  You will master the fundamentals rather quickly.

  • Using a wider light source gives you softer light and subdues the shadows, on the other hand using narrower light generates a harder light and sharpens the shadows.   Wider light doesn’t emphasize shadows or textures and it works for portraits and wedding photos.  Narrower light creates sharper shadows increases the contrast between colors, forms and shape.  It accentuates the textures giving them a different and three dimensional look.
  • Diffusion takes a light source and makes it wider and softer.  Think of clouds, they take the suns light and diffuse, making it softer and it is a brilliant lighting strategy.  Clouds cover the sun’s light and softens the shadows.  Three types of diffusing light are clouds, overcast skies and fog.
  • Indirect lighting or bouncing light from a matte surface, a wall or ceiling can work to diffuse light.  This allows light to spread and cover a wider area.
  • Using distance and where the light is placed can determine how soft or hard the light will be.  The closer light is to a subject matter, it covers a wider area and make the photo look more artistic.  The further away you place the light it becomes narrower and has a harder light source.
  • Shadows give your subject form.  It can create a three dimensional perspective, it does this by increasing the highlights, mid-tones and the shadows.  Shadows created through lighting give your subject the appearance of an object in its space rather than just a shape in a photo.
  • Fall off happens when you put the light away from the subject.  The light will be dimmer on your subject and varying the light gives you more artistic shadows.  The effect of using fall off can change the relationship between the subject in the foreground and the background of your picture.  Closer light gives you far more contrast between the subject and the background.
  • Blending with the background doesn’t mean that your subject fades into the background but that the background works for the picture.  Think back to your school pictures and all the backgrounds that were used there.  All of them looked fake and very contrived.  Tie your subject to the background so that you’re enhancing that point in time.  Wedding photographers are masters of this skill.

In The Awesome Word WE All Live In

Sometimes we forget how beautiful life can be, just add photography 

Why is everyone so angry at each other when life is so beautiful. Look around you and you will realise the marvelous creatures that are living in our world.

We forget and/or set aside the simple things that seem to make so many people happy. I dare you not care about your loved ones and speak with them about what life has to offer

We have been given a certain amount of time to live in the word, so we damn better make use of this time or else we are losing out on living life to the fullest

Lest embrace every moment in life. Below are some awesome photos and videos of nature to show you how photography can change a persons perspective of things. Enjoy!!