Intimate and Boudoir Photography Techniques

5 boudoir photography techniques for you.


We are going to talk about how you can create simple shots just using very simple small amount of equipment and natural lighting

Although a lot of boudoir photo shoots have been taken using big rooms and top of the range equipment and lots of people, we want to show you how you can also create an intimate shooting using very little, how you can use outfits you have at home rather than buying very expensive lingerie, using very simple equipment as well with natural light, with natural hair and makeup.

This photo was take with a simple 32mm ios400 in Kent. In a home bedroom, and as you can probably tell from the setup, you can tell that there is not much going on, just simple as it can be.


Boudoir bedroom photography


An interesting thing about this photo is the shadow. You can work to create a really nice, candid, soft feeling because of the fact that the model is actually in shadow.

The next photo is a really wonderful shoot. It shows the model looking into the mirror, very sensual, sorting out her hair, it has a very candid feeling, and a very natural feeling. The mirror creates a really lovely effect. You can take photos like these at home in front of your mirror in the bedroom or bathroom. So it is very easy to create this kind of setting. As you can see there is a really soft feel to the image, using a really low shutter speed without a tripod. In this case the photographer actually managed to take a photo that was actually in focus. And sometimes it is worth taking that risk because as you can see it makes a really lovely effect when you do.


Mirror Photography


You can this impression of looking a something almost naughty and sensual.


The next photo that I wanted to speak about is a photo that was taken in a late afternoon in a beautiful summers day, and you can see that its got this really warm light particularly where it is shining through this yellowy orange curtain, creates this really warm wash of color.



As you can see, this is a very classic boudoir photo, boudoir position on the bed, thanks to sylvia bazaar bedding, with the model’s hair flared out and it works really well. Obviously the light is picking up all the right bits. There is a kind of playfulness to it too where although the model is wearing lingerie she is also wearing the spectacles as well which feeds in this kind of playfulness. Which can really be brought out in this kind of photography.


mattress photography


You can still create the sensual feeling without showing off the whole model’s body. As you can see here there isn’t much of the flesh that is showing, because she is covered with a blanket which give it a real suggestive sense. No one know if the model is wearing anything underneath the blanket.  It is important to communicate these things with the photographer.





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